Metal Standalone Access Controller
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Access control Keypad with Waterproof
The product is a standalone type for two doors,supports Card,Card+Code,Card or code models for door entry,can control doors in two areas simultaneously ,total user volume for two areas is 2000,each has a card and password,can directly drive the operation of Door locks,Alarms,operate with exit buttons or door contacts.
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Product Parameter Parameter Description
Dimension(mm) 120x80x22(mm)
Input voltage AC&DC12V
Electric lock 1 start current ≤1A
Electric lock 2 start current ≤1A
Alarm start current ≤1A
Bell start current ≤1A
Standby current ≤25mA
Card distance 0-40MM
Waterproof level IP-68
Card format ID 125KHz (HID need order)
Card number transmission format  Wiegand 26-37 BIT
Temperature -45~55 ℃
Humidity 0~90%(Non-condensing)
Weight 0.5kg
Certificate CE-EMC

Metal structure, waterproof design(ip-68).
Open mode: card, code or card, code+card.
Control 2 doors at the same time.
Alarm function: anti-dismantle, door contact, avoid intimidation.
Working mode: card reader mode,single door standard mode, double door single card reader standard mode, double door double card reader standard mode, double door interlock mode,single door anti-passback mode,double door anti-passback mode.
Built-in 125khz 
Vivid backlit keypad(backlit colour is customize).
Add or delete user by entering card number.
Maser card(program card) can add or delete user quickly.
Master can open the door in setting statue.
Can be used as independent card reader.
Card reader output format can be set by user automatically,card output can be set 26-37bit,keypad can be set 3 kinds format.
Can connect with 1pc external card reader, main board identify 26-37bit wiegand input format.
Interlock and anti-passback function, adpat to bank, jail or special place for security
Support 4-6 digits independent code, add code by id number(user needn`t add code by card).

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