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After more than 20 years of development, YLI's products have been successfully sold to more than 100 countries around the world and have been widely
used in the stadiums, airports, customs, subways, telecommunications, government finance, factories, campuses, commercial hotels, intelligent communities and other projects.
YLI can offer a wide range of products with excellent quality, which already passed a number of international certifications and are highly reputated by domestic and foreign customers.

To dear franchisee:

In order to meet the demand for high-quality security products in Chinese market, YLI Electronic will provide YLI brand electric locks and peripheral equipments to those who are willing to become the agent in all regions within China. We hope to expand the market to the agent's region. Look forward to working with you to create a win-win relationship.
By strictly adhering to the service conception of "All for the customers, To create customer value " and by focusing more on customer needs , YLI Electronic will help the clients to achieve
the target "beyond customer expectations" with quick reaction , sophisticated technology and best attitude.
Join conditions
1. Enterprise with a legitimate business qualification
2. Have rich resources, personnel and industry experience, and are willing to explore the market for YLI's products in the region and establish win-win cooperation
3.Stable workplace and good business reputation
4. Familiar with the company's products and industry market, with good sales channels and networks;
5. Meet the first order quantity stipulated by the company;
6. Have strong marketing ability, economic foundation and social relations, can quickly develop distribution channels;
7. Shall not operate or agent other similar products which from other company;
8. Should have a good spirit of cooperation and maximize the market by expanding market share;
9. Acknowledge YLI's business strategy, follow the headquarters' leadership,cooperate with the implementation of the headquarters' market promotion and policies as well as guidelines;
Agent support
Agency fees
Zero agency fee, zero operation guidance fee, and zero inventory are required to be sold (except for the first delivery).
Regional protection
After the approval of the agent's affiliated partners, the company will obtain the follow-up business of the regional agency of our company, and carry out market protection and price protection for the area in charge.
Addition policy
In order to reduce the risk of agents, the company implements a limited period of replacement of the goods system.
Product training
Provide professional knowledge, technology and marketing training for the relevant personnel of the agent.
Product information
Provide agent price list, product promotion materials, latest product consultation, etc. for agents.
Provide agent price list, product promotion materials, latest product consultation, etc. for agents.
The company provides a full range of advertising and online promotion to assist the region in organizing related exhibitions and giving relevant exhibition support.
Assist in support
The company's fundamental market progress has delegated personnel to help expand the market.
Service support
Free full technical support and after-sales service.
Mission rewards
The annual YLI brand order quantity has reached the corresponding sales amount, and the company will give a certain rebate reward.
Joining process
Joining consultation
Fill in the application
Submit application
Qualification certificate
Mutual inspection
Determine intention
Follow-up operation
After sales service
Examination passed
Sign contract
System training
Follow up
Follow-up operation
After sales service
Examination passed
Sign contract
Join US
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