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It's time to upgrade your locks, top 5 reasons to adopt Smart locks
Intelligent lock because of its high degree of automation and rich functions has become one of the current smart home star products. The smart lock can not only be connected and controlled by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, but also be unlocked by intelligent voice a
1 hour ago
Robots are in "rigid demand" and the market is in a counter-cyclical growth
During the epidemic period, the market demand for contactless work such as unmanned distribution and unmanned inspection has increased greatly, and robots have been widely used in various places. For the robot industry, this is an opportunity to turn the
1 day ago
China plans to establish a data security law to protect the legitimate rights and interests of citizens and organizations
With the convergence and integration of information technology and human production and life, data of all kinds have been rapidly increasing and accumulating in huge quantities, exerting a significant and profound impact on economic development, social go
1 week ago
Home security: anti - theft alarm structure and deployment application
Home anti - theft alarm system compositionThe modern society pays more and more attention to the family security, especially the newly-built high-end residence, because it is more likely to arouse the interest of thieves, generally will install the modern
1 week ago
The future of intelligent life lies in computer vision
With the popularization of machine automation and information technology, buildings have changed from a cold box to an intelligent complex that can provide people with a more comfortable, energy saving and ecological living and working environment. With t
2 weeks ago
What is artificial intelligence sneaking into ordinary homes
After the incubation period and concept popularization in previous years, artificial intelligence has indeed broken into People's Daily life and constantly refreshed users' cognition and experience of intelligent life. Finance, medical car
2 weeks ago
How to build the next security market of 100 billion traditional enterprises?
With the maturity of network technology, the popularization of smart phones and the improvement of people's security awareness, the civil security market has become an emerging market with great development potential. Reported that China has more
3 weeks ago
Market research and technical research of access control electric lock
1. The market backgroundIn 1996, the country began to promote electronic door locks in star hotels (hotel decoration effect diagram), the hotel without electronic door locks will not be able to participate in acceptance, can not be rated star. As a result
3 weeks ago
Enterprises for the popularization of smart home to wait
With the development of science and technology, the popularization of mobile phones and the development of wireless technology, as well as various investments and layouts made by technology companies in the field of smart home, this seemingly far away sma
3 weeks ago
The Giant game of Smart City
After a failed attempt to break into a classified section of ctOS, ctOS used counter-surveillance to track down Eden, who killed his 7-year-old niece in a car crash. Aiden was on his way to revenge.This is the ubisoft single - machine game Watchdog a set
4 weeks ago
As physical and logical (IT) threats to corporations evolve, so must electronic access control. Additional deployments of logical and physical access contro
4 years ago
9 emerging trends to watch in access control
As new and evolving access control technologies continue to deliver improvements in performance, efficiency and cost-effectiveness, the potential applicatio
4 years ago
Using digital to control power: Q&A with iWatt
When it comes to digital power, iWatt claims that it is the inventor of digital power control for AC/DC. The company notes that its technology allows its custom
7 years ago
Magnetic logic makes for mutable chips
Software can transform a computer from a word processor to a number cruncher to a video telephone. But the underlying hardware is unchanged. Now, a type of tran
7 years ago
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