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Intelligent electric lock create a secure smart home
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Door locks are the first security barrier in your home and are used almost every day.With a history of more than 1,000 years, door locks are among the oldest, most important and most sensitive household items.After the intelligent home begins to be popular, the intelligent door lock becomes a trend.Smart door locks emerge as The Times require. People gradually replace traditional keys and locks with smart phones and smart door locks.

Smart door lock type many, its universality is the most available control, smart phones and its application character is: there are some need to replace the entire lock system, some just on the existing latch equipped with smart devices, some need to interact gently with door lock, some simply by go up and then can automatically identify, some can be unlocked via voice, some can remote control, and some can give visitors to take pictures...

Compared with the traditional door lock or password lock, the key function of the Intelligent electric lock is to open the door directly with the phone through Bluetooth and other technologies, with the help of smart phones and supporting applications, without having to carry the key.As the smart phone has become a necessity for people to carry with them, its functions are increasing day by day. It is very convenient and natural to open the door with the smart phone.Some smart locks offer an alternative to a traditional key.In case the phone runs out of battery or is lost, people can also download an app from another phone and log into their own account to unlock it.Smart door lock can be selected and remote that take the door to open the door, can also be sent via social network unlock password, rapid production "virtual keys", in a specific period of time, let a guest or related services, with its "virtual keys" into the household in the mobile phone, home owners don't have to stay at home or to find a way to leave a key for visitors.After the visitor opens the door to enter the home, the smart door lock will send a notice to the home owner to remind the door lock has been opened and by whom.The owner of the home will also be notified when the visitor has left.What is more convenient is that the home owner can cancel the "virtual key" authorization at any time to ensure home security.Homeowners are also notified when someone else tries to unlock the door, so they can take action to better protect their home and personal property. Intelligent electric lock can also cooperate with the corresponding camera, security will be done more finely.Intelligent door lock does not have the trouble of losing the key, neither need to re-match the key, nor need to change the door lock because of losing the key. 

Intelligent door locks meet the needs of modern people who pay attention to safety and advocate simple and quick, and do not reject the traditional door lock use methods, is becoming the most promising intelligent home products.Smart door locks also have the potential to interact with other smart home products to achieve a greater variety of automated operations.Smart door locks are not only for ordinary residences, but also have great potential in commercial areas such as hotels, which can effectively reduce the cost of traditional electronic door cards and improve service experience. 
But smart homes bring security risks as well as convenience.Intelligent door locks face some challenges in security, stability and so on.Unlike other smart home devices, the door lock is the most critical security barrier in the home, so people will be extremely cautious when choosing smart door locks.The biggest obstacle to the popularization of intelligent door locks is that people have accumulated security concepts for thousands of years to the traditional door locks. It is difficult to be intelligently changed in a short time.

 At the same time of constantly improving the characteristics and services of Intelligent lock, smart home producers and operators should also do a good job of publicity, promote people to change ideas, open people's concerns about the mobile Internet era of information and communication security this "heart lock", so as to continue to expand the market space of smart door locks.
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