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It's time to upgrade your locks, top 5 reasons to adopt Smart locks
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Intelligent lock because of its high degree of automation and rich functions has become one of the current smart home star products. The smart lock can not only be connected and controlled by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, but also be unlocked by intelligent voice and face recognition, etc. Besides, the product shape is designed to be beautiful and rich, suitable for application in their respective places. No matter what your application needs, there is always a smart lock that meets your needs. Today, I will recommend several reasons to make your gates smarter.

Increase convenience
Smart locks (and all smart home products) are designed to make people's lives easier. For the smart lock, it has remote access, voice control, scene function and so on. With tools like Google's smart assistant, Apple HomeKit and amazon's Alexa, users can set scene modes like "OK Google, good night" to dim lights, adjust room temperature and lock doors.
When the smart lock is connected to the WiFi network, it can be controlled remotely. This means that users simply need to buy a smart lock with WiFi capability and can turn it off or open it anytime or anywhere to connect to the network. For example, if you forget to lock your door when leaving for work or business in the morning, the smart lock connected to the Internet will remind you to do so via your smartphone.

Free joker
Smart locks don't have to be bulky or weird, they can be designed to look exactly like regular locks. Even at a small size, it looks like a standard traditional lock. However, when you open the Kevo app and approach it, you can tap the lock with a finger to unlock the door.
If you need to upgrade traditional lock hardware, whether it's a new fad with a keyboard or a traditional push latch design, you'll almost always find a product on the market that meets your needs.

Keep old keys
Upgrading a smart lock doesn't necessarily mean you need to replace the key. The August models, for example, retain existing latches, unlock with old keys, and save a lot of installation time.

Simplify visitor access
If a friend or family member is visiting and you are not at home, smart Locks can easily solve this problem. You can use the Smart Lock app to give visitors the password to open a temporary door or even allow certain people to enter your home at certain times. For example, you could allow a particular person to enter your home between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. on Weekdays. It can even give roommates and family members unlimited access, so smart locks are especially suitable for family members.
It's also easy to grant access at critical moments, such as when someone you know and trust needs to be in your home for a short period of time. If your lock is connected to a Wi-Fi network, you can be anywhere with a simple push of a button on your smartphone.

Improve safety
Since smart locks can connect to the Internet, all smart lock users should make sure their apps are up to date and their passwords are secure, especially when using voice assistants. Smart locks do, however, reduce the risk of burglary, as many users like to hide keys in front door attachments that are easy to spot.
With smart locks, we have more ways to unlock, reducing the number of times we use a physical key to open the door. For example, we can set the smart lock to automatically lock the door after a certain period of time, or when the phone leaves the smart lock for a certain distance.

Of course, smart locks are not for everyone, and users should consider their specific needs before investing in any smart home technology. Also, smart locks aren't perfect. We've seen manufacturers struggling with connectivity and even durability issues. However, with built-in protection features such as emergency batteries, PIN requirements and keyboard decoy codes, upgrading the smart lock is guaranteed to be safe and reliable. If you're looking for a stylish and smart way to make your daily life more convenient, smart locks are a great option.
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