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Basic knowledge of access control electric lock.
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    The electric lock for access control is an important part of the access control system, and it is the execution mechanism and key equipment of the access control system. If the access control system is compared to a person, the electric lock is like the hands and feet of a person, which is related to the stability of the entire access control system.

If an access control system controller and card reader are good, if the quality of the electric lock has problems, it will also cause the door can not be opened, affecting the acceptance and use of the project.

   The execution equipment for access control mainly includes electronic locks, revolving doors, three-stick gate machines, channel gates and other controllable electronic mechanical equipment;This paper mainly focuses on electronic locks for detailed explanation: electronic locks include electric plug lock (anode lock), cathode lock (electric lock), magnetic lock, electronic lock, etc.Electric plug lock is used for two-way 180° open the door, its reliability, beauty, practicability are good, electric plug lock itself fault is low, the reason for the system often failure is installed on the door spring, due to quality problems often can not be normally closed in place.To strengthen the sex of the system and stability, use spring of the ground with good choice quality to serve as basic assurance commonly, install a fixed position bead to go up in doorcase again, can satisfy practical need so.

    Electromagnetic lock is often used to open the one-way door, its reliability, practicability can fully meet the needs of users.Electromagnetic lock itself fault is extremely low, want its circuit wiring only correct, do not need to undertake any maintenance work commonly, and as a result of its the mechanical knock sound when closing the door is smaller, it will be widely used in the intertalk opening the door system at residential building hently. Because of its low production process requirements and low technical content, there are many manufacturers in mainland China can produce this kind of products.

   Most of the electric lock manufacturers are concentrated in Guangzhou, Zhejiang, Tianjin, Liaoning and other provinces and cities, while the world's most advanced production technology and process are still in the hands of Germany, Japan and Taiwan.Electromagnetic lock technology, the current Chinese have mastered.With the continuous penetration of Taiwanese manufacturers, the proportion of electromagnetic locks produced in China will gradually increase in the world share.The technology and process of electric plug lock have been mastered by some manufacturers in China.However, its performance and appearance are still somewhat different from those of similar foreign products. If the moat can catch up with and surpass the world's advanced level with time.   
So, how to choose electronic locks?
   Domestic or imported ?
   Imported electric lock is too expensive, pleased to nearly $one thousand, sold to a user's hand not nearly more than one thousand block is come down, although the real import electric lock, technology is mature, product repair rate is low, but the service is still a problem, once there is a problem, foreigners always said you Chinese power instability and so on a number of reasons, is in trouble.I suggest to still buy home-made lock to calculate, price material benefit is very much, and it is Taiwan to produce mostly or blend in Taiwan's manufacturing technology (Taiwan is the main OEM base of foreign electric lock) with quality standard, poor also bad less than where to go.

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