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Electric Drop lock or electromagnetic lock or Electric Strike Lock ?
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Electric Drop lock or electromagnetic lock or Electric Strike Lock ?
Want to match what kind of lock, have to see you is what kind of door?Double open(can be opened inside or outside) the glass door is the best electric plug lock, the company's internal single open (only open inside or only open) wooden door is best to use magnetic lock, magnetic lock is also known as electromagnetic lock.Magnetic lock body installed in the upper part of the door frame, some people will feel that it is not hidden installation, not beautiful, in fact, foreign countries are so used.In foreign countries, the use of magnetic lock is more than that of electric plug lock, the stability of magnetic lock is higher than that of electric plug lock, but the security of electric plug lock is higher.The electric lock is installed on the door side and the mechanical lock such as the spherical lock, the security is much lower, and the wiring is not convenient, but the price is cheaper, and it is not recommended to adopt.The village had better be to buy magnetic force lock and electric control lock, electric control lock noise is bigger, general building intercom match is electric control lock, also have a kind of mute electric control lock now, can consider.
However, no matter what lock should pay attention to rain, is the lock is made of iron, is easy to rust, this should pay attention to.There is a power cut off plug lock on the market, this lock can meet the customer power cut back door is still closed requirements, but does not meet the fire requirements, acceptance may not pass, and the thickness of the door frame is required, installation will be unexpected trouble, so it is better to recommend less to customers.
Most of the electric lock manufacturers are concentrated in Guangzhou, Zhejiang, Tianjin, Liaoning and other provinces and cities, while the world's most advanced production technology and process are still in the hands of Germany, Japan and Taiwan.Electromagnetic lock technology, the current Chinese have mastered.With the continuous penetration of Taiwanese manufacturers, the proportion of electromagnetic locks produced in China will gradually increase in the world share.The technology and process of electric plug lock have been mastered by some manufacturers in China.However, its performance and appearance are still somewhat different from those of similar foreign products. If the moat can catch up with and surpass the world's advanced level with time.
  So, how to buy electronic locks ? Please pay attention to the basic facts of the answers below:  
Electric plug lock basic buy common sense.
First of all, the lock surface should have metallic luster, can not have obvious scratch, standby current 300mA or so, action current should be less than 900mA.After a long time of power, the surface is slightly hot, but not hot.Electric plug lock bounce strength to be sufficient, after the press down the lock can automatically bounce and powerful, it is best to carry out 4000 times on and off test, if,, found in the process of the lock is weak, or not bounce in place, or not bounce up, as unqualified.Some engineering providers ask: is the choice of two lines or multi-line plug lock ? It is like this, the multi-line electric plug lock is controlled by a single chip microcomputer, the running current of the electric lock is controlled by the single chip microcomputer, the lock body is not too hot, and it has the function of delay control and door magnetic detection;The time delay control function can adapt to the use of the door with poor ground spring, and the door magnetic monitoring function can provide the controller with the real-time monitoring function of the opening and closing state of the door.Although these functions may not be used by you, but the quality and stability of the electric lock controlled by the single chip microcomputer and the electric lock controlled by the single chip microcomputer are not on a level.Therefore, it is recommended that you do not have to save a little money. The two-wire electric plug lock has a very simple internal structure, which is just a current driving electromagnetic coil. The working current is large, and the heating is serious enough to damage the electric lock at some point.
 The appearance should be delicate, the surface can not have obvious scratches or rust, the key to magnetic lock is to see its resistance to tension;This requires professional equipment to measure, so only after the installation, with the hand suddenly forced way to pull a pull, pull not open as normal, but pay attention to the installation of electromagnetic lock lock body suction to match, iron suction is not installed too tight, otherwise it will affect the tension resistance.
In the selection of locks, first of all, we should distinguish the 90 degree door (one-way door) and 180 degree door (two-way door) two cases, 180 degree door must use electric lock, 90 degree door can use magnetic lock, electric lock, cathodic lock, glass door clip lock, electric lock, etc.The door closers are determined by the weight of the door, which is determined by the volume and material of the door.The stand was chosen for aesthetics, safety, and convenience.

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