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The future of intelligent life lies in computer vision
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With the popularization of machine automation and information technology, buildings have changed from a cold box to an intelligent complex that can provide people with a more comfortable, energy saving and ecological living and working environment. With the combination of modern building technology and modern communication technology, computer technology and control technology, intelligent building is no longer a building in the traditional sense.
Although it contains multiple systems such as communication, security, energy management, but when it comes to the intelligent building have to mention of IBMS (intelligent building management system), the various subsystems IBMS integration as an "organic" unified system, their interfaces standardization, standardization, complete information exchange and communication protocol of the subsystems of the transformation, makes in the building construction, such as access control, security, lighting, and other hardware and software system between supplement each other, to help building owners and property manager, at the same time of building operation management process standardization, improve the operational efficiency of the building, reduce operating costs and energy consumption. Therefore, the degree of integration and control of IBMS will fundamentally affect the intellectualization of buildings.

Open community new smart building where to go

IBMS has to deal with more than the building itself. How to adapt to and interact with this rapidly changing environment tests the real ability of an intelligent system. So-called always plan couldn't catch up with change of time, as in February 21, the latest release of "the central committee of the communist party of China on the management of the State Council on further strengthening the construction of urban planning several opinions mentioned, about no longer closed residential area construction, built residential area and unit compound to gradually open, improve village and the city's overall into sex, solve the traffic road network layout to ease traffic congestion.
At present, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council put forward the opinions belong to the level of the party and national policy, has not officially made mandatory laws, but also very clearly pointed out the direction of the future residential construction, open, public housing estates, a surge of traffic and the number of cars leads to strangers, in and out of the village is no longer to register as a visitor, it left behind potential dangers for individual households living safety.
After the community becomes the social land, in the face of the complex social environment, the IBMS of intelligent building should dynamically link the subsystems in the intelligent building to keep the first checkpoint for the property of the owners. After all, the security system itself is composed of a collection of multiple security subsystems, and the complex public environment tests the software and hardware extensibility and controllability of IBMS for new technologies. On the other hand, this is a good opportunity for the popularization of intelligent buildings, and it is also a survival of the fittest for many IBMS manufacturers in the market.

Intelligent future in computer vision
As the standard configuration of security system, monitoring equipment has also become an essential perceptual layer hardware in smart buildings. Nowadays, network cameras can generally provide 1080P60FPS full hd images. For the open community, the building personnel access can also provide face recognition, motion recognition and even voice recognition and other information feedback to THE IBMS. For smart buildings, however, just automatic identification is enough?
Intelligence is the highest level of automation, performance for independent system, optimize the regulation and accurately, the coordinated interaction, including environmental awareness is the basis of intelligent, while "visual effects, such as a person even if don't make a sound, as long as there will be the first to be 'visual' perceived, at the same time" visual is also the basis of the complex interaction with the user.
At present, the image and video analysis technology, has become one of the artificial intelligence field research branch - computer vision, focuses on the counting machine to parse the meaning of the image content. It can be said that the automatic analysis of image information is the sign of intelligent monitoring system, but also the basic ability of intelligent building.
From the perspective of application, image analysis can be divided into two levels. One is image recognition. The second is image content analysis, which mainly USES the time resolution ability of image information to understand the image and analyze the target behavior.
Image recognition is generally available in security cameras at present, but it is rare to achieve the image speech analysis in the image content. For example, by reading an image, understanding the content of the image and expressing it, what it describes is not the image itself, but the structure of the image as well as the content and plot expressed. As long as intelligent buildings have the same ability to understand images as human beings, the efficiency and quality of services can be further improved.

Intelligent buildings and artificial intelligence
Imagine that IBMS, an integrated recognition and analysis algorithm for image content, enables the intelligent building not only to recognize the elements of the image content, but also to understand the logical relationship between each element in the image. In this way, even in an open community, specific behaviors and actions of residents can be pre-predicted and analyzed, and feedback can be obtained in IBMS timely and behaviors can be made automatically. Such environmental perception is all based on the application of artificial intelligence in buildings.
In accordance with the opinions on urban planning policy content, open area to solve layout to ease traffic congestion and the traffic network will become the mainstream in the future, based on the analysis of the computer vision, cooperate with other sensors, the construction personnel data were collected IBMS data sharing each other, through the cloud by artificial intelligence (ai) combined with road traffic data, real-time dynamic linkage operation, after all, big data in the application of intelligent building, the essence is the artificial intelligence application in building construction.

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