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Home security: anti - theft alarm structure and deployment application
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Home anti - theft alarm system composition

The modern society pays more and more attention to the family security, especially the newly-built high-end residence, because it is more likely to arouse the interest of thieves, generally will install the modern equipment anti-theft device. So, what does a safe and effective home security system look like?

One, burglar alarm equipment core: burglar alarm host

Anti-theft alarm host consists of three parts: detector (also known as alarm), transmission channel and alarm controller. Used to detect intruders, the device composed of electronic and mechanical parts is the key of the anti-theft alarm host, and the sensor is the core element of the alarm detector. Using sensors of different principles, it can constitute alarm detection devices of different types, different USES, and achieve different detection purposes to judge and receive the alarm signals from various detectors. After receiving the alarm signals, it can alarm according to the preset alarm mode. Such as start sound and light alarm, automatic dialing set multiple alarm phone, if the network with the community alarm center can be transmitted to the community alarm center. Alarm host equipped with a remote control, the host can be remote control.

Ii. Contact of burglar alarm equipment: infrared detection alarm

Using microcomputer digital signal technology, high stability detector, innovative design. With temperature compensation, strong white light resistance, anti - electromagnetic interference, and eliminate a variety of false positives. When the intruder passes through the infrared detector, the infrared detector sends a signal to the alarm host, which then alarms the host.

Three, burglar alarm equipment "pawl" one of: door magnetic, window magnetic detector

After the alarm host is set up, the intruder opens the doors and Windows with door and window magnets, that is, the door and window magnets send a signal to the alarm host, and the alarm host starts to alarm immediately.

Four, burglar alarm equipment "pawn" two: smoke detector

Smoke detector is also known as smoke detector, smoke detector, smoke detector, smoke detector, smoke detector and smoke sensor. It is mainly used in fire protection system and security system construction. The smoke detector adopts photoelectric sensor with special structure design, SMD SMD chip processing technology production, with high sensitivity, stable and reliable, low power consumption, beautiful and durable, easy to use and other characteristics. The circuit and power supply can be self-checked and simulated alarm test can be carried out.

Using an advanced radioactive source, comparative space and open space to detect heavy ions, whether open fire, no fire, smoke, smokeless combustion, are more sensitive. When harmful gas is detected, the indicator light will be red and an alarm signal will be sent to the host

Five, burglar alarm equipment "pawn" three: harmful gas detector

The gas detector consists of a transmitter with a gas sensor to detect gases. Detection range: detection concentration of methane, ethane, liquefied petroleum gas and other combustible gases: detection concentration of methane, propane and ethane is more than 10000PPM, alcohol and acetate is more than 1000PPM, ethylene and ammonia is more than 500PPM working environment temperature: -10℃ ~ 5℃ humidity: less than 95%

The operator of burglar alarm equipment: remote control

Used for the installation and removal of anti-theft alarm system, the use method is the same as the common auto anti-theft remote control.

The home anti-theft alarm system is the most important part of the whole security system in the residential area, and also the last part. When burglars illegally break into the home or occur such as gas leakage, fire, elderly emergency and other emergency, through a variety of electronic detectors installed in the home automatically alarm, the alarm center will be within tens of seconds to get the alarm information, so quickly dispatched security guards or ambulance personnel to the scene to deal with.
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