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What is artificial intelligence sneaking into ordinary homes
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After the incubation period and concept popularization in previous years, artificial intelligence has indeed broken into People's Daily life and constantly refreshed users' cognition and experience of "intelligent life". Finance, medical care, education, decoration, media... As long as it is the industry we can think of, are actively realizing the integration of artificial intelligence technology, and most people are most concerned about the smart home industry, many "Daniel" also predicted that smart home will become the next wind, how much do you know about this industry?

I. Cognitive misunderstanding about smart home

Smart home appliances = Smart home

Now, intelligent household industry growth momentum is fierce, many merchants in order to promote consumption, tried to make their products and reference "smart" two words, so many consumers think is smart home intelligent home appliance, actually otherwise, take smart television, for instance, it has essential difference with intelligent household, because compared with the traditional TV, smart TV is just on the basis of it the function expansion and upgrade, show more diverse species, and it can play the role of game consoles, also can install and uninstall all kinds of application software, can satisfy the users more diversified consumer demand, However, in essence, it can only be regarded as a component of smart home, or a smart terminal. Just like smart phone, we can't equate them with smart home, so smart home appliances ≠ Smart home.

Smart furniture = Smart home

The development of artificial intelligence technology is more and more developed, and has been gradually landing from the conceptualization stage, so many industries are trying to "marry" with intelligence, because many people's understanding of smart home is still blind, so it is easy to confuse smart furniture and smart home. Actually, intelligent furniture just combine intelligence, electronic intelligence and machine intelligence, smart and clever integration of traditional furniture, when using smart furniture, the user can give full play to their own subjective creativity, such as spatial characteristics of the be fond of according to oneself and family to free combination collocation of furniture, and the whole concept of smart home is a technology, such as it is through the Internet of things will be in the home lighting, door locks, curtains, household appliances, security and other equipment integrated system, so the intelligent furniture indicates intelligent household.

Smart home = chicken ribs

Mention smart home, a lot of people like to use "chicken ribs" to describe it, feel "tasteless to eat, abandon regrettable", and think it does not conform to the six words truth of good product, what it solves above all is not rigid demand, because for a lot of people, it is dispensable, barely calculate "bogus demand"; Second, it can't hit consumers' pain points, because the market of many intelligent household sheet is tasted in to help users solve problems at the same time, also can bring a lot of trouble, can not think smart, such as sweeping machine finish health after cleaning, the host have to do your own manual cleaning dust box, originally graph save trouble, results also find themselves in a grey; Finally, it does not conform to high frequency because the frequency of product replacement is too low.

If smart home products are to explode the market at the C end, it seems that they still have a long way to go. In fact, the emergence of new products and new technologies will have a "stumbling start" stage at the very beginning, but the market and users, as the best touchstone of products, will not tolerate products that have not completed the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. When smart home companies cannot bridge this gap, it will be difficult to open the market from the C end. Actually, from an objective point of view, for one is still in the exploration and development of emerging industries, to it from the start button on "chicken ribs" hat is clearly irrational, either as a spectator, as well as consumers, we should be confidence in artificial intelligence technology and intelligent household industry, allowing them to grow and mature in the stumbling.

1. Smart home = luxury house

"Intelligent household is too expensive, low-income families cannot afford to, we will look", filed a smart home, many people have this kind of idea, think intelligent household products can only appeared in the TV series or the rich family, actually otherwise, from the point at this stage, smart home is still not popularized, there is a price factors, but the simple and crude with "rich", "home", "luxury" and other words link is not rational, the popularity of any new things, there will be a phased process like a car just appeared, we feel it is very far away, But not now.

What is smart home after all

Essentially, smart home is a intelligent control system, it itself and including many subsystems, such as security systems, lighting systems, background music system, electrical control system, door control system, home network, home theater systems, etc., it can take advantage of the integrated wiring, network communications, security, automatic control technology to implement integration of household facilities, such as to build up the safe, efficient and intelligent management system, for users to create a comfortable, warm, comfortable and convenient living environment, living comfort and safety to users, in the smart home platform, You can realize the remote control of home appliances and doors and Windows according to your own needs, but also according to their own preferences for personalized Settings.

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