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Dear customers:
Thank you for buying YLI electronic products, to protect your legal rights and interests, YLI electric lock (shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: YLI electronic) make the following warranty and service commitments:
1. Warranty

From the day of purchasing YLI electronic products (in formal purchase invoice date, hereinafter referred to as: the purchasing date) , YLI electronic offer you free warranty (magnetic lock warranty period is three years, electric mortise lock and electric lock is under warranty for two years and other product warranty period is one year).  There will be labour and parts cost charged if the warranty period is expired; If the product need to be renovated, there will be labour cost  and handling cost in cured.
2. Hot line services

If you have any product related technical problems when using YLI electronic products,  you are welcome to call our hot line at 0755-83489801, YLI electronic engineers and product designers will answer all the related questions. At the same time, you also can go to our official web site which provides the common problem settlement solutions. We will regularly put those customer common problems settlement solutions into the website for customer reference, there are general technical and non-technical problems will be included.
3. Quick response

In the product warranty period, if there is the equipment malfunction, since the official announcement day, YLI electronic will be response to the customer request within three working days, and will solve the problem within two working days. If there is any special reason the product cannot be repaired, we will contact you to find out the solutions, if the products being out of the warranty period, there will be related service charges.
Note: in the service process, because other accident causes the products cannot be according to the commitment as mentioned above, YLI will contact you to find out the better solution..
4. After-sales service confirmation procedures

Please prepare the corresponding purchase invoice, warranty certificate. If you can't provide above mentioned documents, the product of free warranty period will be calculated 30 days after ex-factory date. If you cannot provide any warranty certificate, YLI  electronic will check the the production date for provide better warranty service.
After maintenance service, the products will continue to enjoy the original warranty. If  the date of after maintenance to free warranty period is less than three months, YLI electronic will extend the free warranty up to three months. At that time, you need to provide effective maintenance record. Please see this article below.
5. Customers cannot enjoy “YLI electronic standard warranty policy " situation
Under the following situation, whether or not in the warranty period inside, customers will not enjoy the free warranty:

- has no YLI electronic labeling or counterfeit YLI electronic labeled.
- product beyond the YLI electronic warranty period.
- being not according to specification, installation instruction, wrong installation, dis-mental without Guardianship and lead to malfunction.
- due to the use of the non-YLI electronic accessories and lead to malfunction.
- because of accident and misused (including improper handling, extrusion, collision, scratches, high temperature, damp, input voltage or current discrepancy) lead to malfunction.
- because of natural disasters and controllable matters
- other issues being not related to product design, technology, manufacturing, quality problem and lead to malfunction.
6. Accessories

This commitment is only applicable to in China (except Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan ) sales and purchase of YLI electronic products.
This commitment is only applicable to the purchasing date after 3 December 2012 .
This warranty hot line may change, please go the this website for update information.

1) YLI electronic liability is limited to repair, replacement of defective products or product components.
2) Freight and maintenance costs are at the user’s cost in the maintenance period.
3) Maintenance lead time is 7 days after receiving maintenance request.
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