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SHENZHEN YLI ELECTRIC LOCK CO.,LTD is honored with prizes of The Top 10 of The Most Influential Bran
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  Last week,with the cooperation of China Public Security Publisher,CPS.COM.CN,International Security Brand Laboratory and China Institute of Public Security,2017 China Security Industry Conference was held at Caesars Palace in the Windows of the World on 7th January .As a laureate, YLI attended the conference,in which YLI won two important prizes,The Top 10 of The Most Influential Brands and The Top 10 of Innovative Products.




  The repeated and rigorous siftings have brought YLI to podium, which means YLI that has been outstanding in so many famous brands.The reason why YLI can win the great prizes is that YLI gets great help and support from our clients,experts and management team.With the management theory of professional technology,excellent quality,perfect service, YLI will insist on providing first-class of products and service as what we did in the past.Getting these two awards is  a admission that YLI do well in its products and a praise that YLI has achieved a lot in innovation.



  YLI invented a creative product,infrared electromagnetic lock,which behaves excellently in security defence,convenient usage and practical utility.There is an infrared sensor inside the electromagnetic lock,its sensitivity range is a wide angle with 0~130 degrees,the light LED with high brightness indicates an opening door,infrared sensor will give feedback to central control if you stand within 3 meters in front of the door ,then door will open for you.Besides,it has double voltage design with DC 12Vor 24V.It is available with various signal contact,NO/NC/COM contacts.This product  has plenty of advantages,such as updated industrial design,first-class appearance,durable function.And it will improve access control’s automatic efficiency,which allows it can be used in intelligent buildings,residential areas,shopping centers,airports,high-speed railway stations,metro stations,grand theaters.

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