Magnetic lock Bracket
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LC Bracket for Narrow for Double Door
LC Bracket for Narrow for Double Door 1.Most commonly used are MBK-180DLC/MBK280DLC/MBK-350DLC.2.The wire can also be buried inside and it can be installed on the outward door. 3. Please be note that MBK-350LC-W is for waterproof magnetic lock.
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Product Parameter Parameter Description
Dimension  MBK-180DLC size:390x39x39mm
 MBK-280DLC size:500x48x42mm 
 MBK-350DLC size:520x48x42mm 
Material High Strength Aluminum, Sandblast Finish
Opening Mode 90 Degree Door
Suitable For Inward-Opening Door
Suitable For Magnetic lock from YLI
Finish for Shell Anodized aluminum

Special Aluminum, Firm and Durable.

Special Design, Suitable with all kinds of Doors.

The Best Choice of Access Control.

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