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Double Pole Resetable Call Point with LED(green)
Manual call pointis widely used in the public placesentrances and the exits. When something emergencyhappens,the site personnel can press the fire alarmbutton to send the alarm signalto the controller.Whenthe controller receive the signal,it will show the codeor the location ofthe alarm button and alarms. Once thestaff notice the alarm, they will take relative fire-fightingmeasures which can prevent the worse happeningThis item applies to hotel, restaurant, engine-room,bank,supermarket,warehouse,museum,library,office and other places.
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Product Parameter Parameter Description
Dimensions 86Lx86Wx60H(mm)
Switching capacity AC125V/250V 0.5A
Switch status NC output
The Cover ofthe button Prevent the false press onthe button
Material ABS fireproof material
Colors Red,Green,Yellow,Blue and White (Optiona)
Languages Languages on the plastic cover can becustomized by the Customer(Chinese/English)
Weight  0.2kg

Use the Fireproof Material, Accord with the Safe Request
Sandblast Panel with Elegant Style
Different colours options for different occasions


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Packing Quantity(PCS/CTN) 50
Packing Size(L*W*H)(cm) 54.5*20*30.5
Gross Weight(KG) 10.0

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