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Surface Mount Intelligent Electric Bolt for Single Door
YB-500H(LED)Surface Mount Intelligent Single Door Electric Bolt,High-Strength Aluminum Alloy Housing,Zinc Alloy Body,304 Stainless Steel Solid Bolt,Processed by CNC,1000kgs Holding Force,Bolt comes with anti-theft high-strength security design,Metal linkages ,works in the temperature between 60 ℃ or -40 ℃ normally,durable magnetic valve applied,special photoelectric control system, ultra-low temperature and power consumption design.LED indicates status(green for unlocking;red for locking),Comes with NO/COM contacts and re-lock time delay function,Fail safe or fail secure optional,Convenient installation,time-saving,safe,sturdy,recommended model for any project
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Product Parameter Parameter Description
Feature Power-off lock (NO); power-off unlock (NC)
Lock body size 267Lx45Hx35W(mm)
Shelf size 267Lx35Hx35W(mm)
Voltage DC12V
Start Current 1000mA
Standby Current 180mA
Signal Output Door status Output,NO/COM
Autolock Time Delay 0/3/6/9S
L E D Green light unlocked; Red light locked
Induction Distance 8mm
Weight 0.9kg
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