Remote Control
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Remote Control
WBK-400-2-12 is the special remote control for parking lot. It is designed with small and beautiful appearance. It can also penetrate the wall easily and be controlled sensitively. with metal transmitter .It can also penetrate the wall easily and be controlled sensitively.
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Product Parameter Parameter Description
Dimensions 62Lx43.5Wx30H(mm)
Input 12VDC (24VDC by Optional)
Current ≤12mA
Optional Accessory WBK-400A
Contact Output: NO、NC、COM
Transmission Freq 433.92MHZ
Suitable for access control
Transmitting Distance ≤50m(in the open area)
Finished for Shell Plastic, Abrasion Resistant
Capable of Up to 30 transmitters
Weight 0.09kg
Simple operation, study key for setup
Penetrate into the wall effectively and be controlled sensitively
Delicate and beautiful design with metal transmitter
Adopt roll code chips to prevent falsity 
The Best Choice for Access Control

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Packing Quantity(PCS/CTN) 150
Packing Size(L*W*H)(cm) 54.5*20*30.5
Gross Weight(KG) 14.26

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