Electric Rim Lock
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Electric Rim Lock
single-end Electric Control Lock.can be opened by electric devices, turning the button or key.Suitable for right open door.It is highly secured and anti-theft.It also can avoid the someone to open the lock with other tools.
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Product Parameter Parameter Description
Lock Size 126L X 102W X 34.5D(mm)
Open the door Left door special
Power supply DC 12V ± 10%
Current 1.5 - 3A
Fail Safe Locked when energized
Temperature -40℃~ +50℃
Unlock time 1S
Lock tongue length 13mm
Passed durability test 300,000 cycles
Material iron, surface drawing
Scope of application applicable to residential buildings, offices, schools, factories, warehouses, etc., and can be used with electronic controlled anti-theft security door
Our electric control lock has used Taiwan most advanced production skills and best production technologies.
The lock can be opened by electric devices, turning the button or key. It is highly secured and anti-theft. It also can avoid the someone to open the lock with other tools.
This lock can be used for the gates of residential buildings, especially the public door of the residence, governmental buildings, schools, hotels, factory warehouse etc. It also compatible with electric control door. 
The coil inside the lock is flame proof. It will not be on fire when operating a long time.if power on but the lock can not function, please check the installation or send it to the agent to repair.
The internal structure of this lock has been improved which will prevent from opening the lock by knocking on it. this will make you safer. 


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