Mechanical Lock
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European Type Electric Mechanical Lock with Cylinder
For one-way or two-way opening modeFor narrow-frame wooden door and metal doorFail safe and fail secure mode adjustable304 stainless steel panel,stainless steel boltwithstands 1000lbs holding forceVertical or horizontal installation304 stainless steel plate for one-way or two-wayopening door selecta
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Feature Fail Safe/Fail Secure(Adjustable)
Face Plate 210Lx25Wx51.9H
Strike One-Way Door Magnetic Plate:150Lx48.7Wx1.5H;
Two-way Door Magnetic Plate:150Lx67.5Wx1.5H
Magnetic Valve 1000000 times
Voltage 12~24VDC/AC
Signal output Lock signal(NO/NC/COM)
Current ≤300mA
Signal Output NO/COM/NO contact,only when achieve locking and door closing,signal output will switch
Operating temp (-20℃~+50℃)
Weight 1.3kg
For one-way or two-way opening mode
For narrow-frame wooden door and metal door
Fail safe and fail secure mode adjustable
304 stainless steel panel,stainless steel bolt withstands 1000lbs holding force
Vertical or horizontal installation
304 stainless steel plate for one-way or two-way 
opening door selectable With door and lock status signal
Electric/Automatical;Locking mode selectable
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